Detective Division


The Detective Division is the investigative unit of the Brookline Police Department, consisting of eighteen detectives.

This division is responsible for the follow up investigation of all crimes, as well as intelligence analysis and dissemination, coordinating dignitary protection with state and federal agencies, forensic examination of crime scenes and associated evidence and case maintenance of ongoing long-term investigations. The Detective Division has several components consisting of the Crime Scene and Identification Unit, Evidence and Property Management, Domestic Violence / Juvenile Unit, Intelligence Unit, and General Investigations. This division is under the command of Deputy Superintendent Richard Allen. 


The Crime Scene and Identification Unit of the Division serve as a vital part of the Detective Division. Our Public Safety Headquarters, which opened in April 2002, utilizes a sophisticated crime lab and digital dark room to process, preserve and document evidence recovery. This modern facility includes an in-house automated fingerprint identification system (SPEX / AFIS) which includes a latent palm print search capability. Brookline is one of the few Departments in the State that possesses this type of technology, along with a significant searchable database. In addition, all members of the Brookline Police Department Detective Division have been trained to identify, collect and preserve DNA evidence to be entered into CODIS by the Massachusetts State Police Crime Lab. Advancements in forensic technology have helped our division to identify many suspects and solve the related crimes, and our division continues to remain on the forefront of law enforcement investigative practices.

The Identification Unit is also responsible for management and issuance of licenses to carry firearms and firearms identification cards. The Brookline Police Department places great emphasis on the issuing of such permits and conducts thorough backgrounds on all applicants to determine suitability. This Unit also manages the Sex Offender Registry for the Department. We register, photograph, fingerprint and monitor convicted sex offenders who live in Brookline and monitor those who are employed in town. We work closely with the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board to ensure that all information is current and any violations are promptly reported and court action initiated

Evidence & Property Management

The Evidence / Property Management Unit within the Detective Division tracks thousand of pieces of evidence and property each year, ranging from drugs, firearms, recovered property and general evidence. The detective assigned to this unit works closely with the Massachusetts State Police Crime Laboratory and the Massachusetts Food and Drug Laboratory.

Our Intelligence Unit collects, analyzes and disseminates information that has value to officers in conducting their duties. This includes significant arrests, recent releases from correctional facilities, parole and probation information, information on known criminal offenders with modus operandi and crime specialty, and identification of potential targets for property crime and crimes against the person. This information is regularly shared with the Boston Regional Intelligence Center, whose stakeholders include UASI cities and towns, the Commonwealth Fusion Center, Massachusetts State Police, MBTA Police Department, Local Campus Police Departments, the United States Attorney’s Office, ATF, ICE, the FBI, JTTF and private sector partners.

Specific Units

The Brookline Police Department Detective Bureau has detectives specifically trained to investigate cyber-crime, narcotics, financial crimes, arson and sexual assault. We take a proactive approach in investigating domestic violence cases, juvenile investigations, civil rights violations and crimes involving the elderly. Our commitment does not end with the arrest of a suspect. Detectives work with prosecutors to ensure that a case is presented in a professional manner and that as a result of our investigation, the Commonwealth was able to present the strongest case possible to the Court. Detective Lieutenants are assigned as liaisons to the Brookline District Court, the Dedham District Court for jury trials and to the Norfolk Superior Court. The court liaisons monitor cases as they proceed through the judicial system and actively communicate with the District Attorney’s office, Victim-Witness Advocates and the Clerk of Courts office. The Detective Division also conducts a monthly warrant apprehension operation in concert with State and local law enforcement to target dangerous criminals and those most likely to re-offend.

You may contact the Brookline Police Detective Division at 617-730-2244.