Police Details Information

Brookline Police Department
Detail Rates
The current rates for Brookline Police Details are as follows:
Regular Non-Supervisory Detail
Officer Pay                          Town Surcharge 10%         Billed
$45.00 per hour                  $4.50                                      $49.50
              All ranks are paid at the same rate, with the exception of details that require        supervisors(more than 3 officers assigned) The supervisor is then paid at the   rates set below. There is a 4 hour minimum, which goes to 8 hours after 4,  and then in 2 hour increments after 8. Any detail that goes past 10 hours must  be approved by a supervisor.
             Supervisory Rates
             Sergeant     $50.00 per hour
             Lieutenant   $55.00 per hour
Strike Rate
Patrolman    $67.50 per hour
Sergeant      $75.00 per hour
Lieutenant    $82.50 per hour

Call the Police Detail Office to request a detail officer 617-730-2234.