Community Service Division

“Community Policing” is the embodiment of the policing philosophy of the Brookline Police department. The successful implementation of this philosophy requires a collaborative working relationship on the part of the people of the community and the police to solve community problems and by extension to increase the quality of life. The ultimate goal of this partnership is to foster a community that is a safe and desirable place to live. We, thereby, help create a community whose inhabitants are empowered and supported by a police department with this common goal.

The Brookline Police Department’s Community Service Division is responsible for facilitating this spirit of cooperation between the public and the Department. This Division serves as the liaison between the Citizens of Brookline, business groups, and the Police Department, in ways that inform, educate and communicate information necessary for all parties. More specifically this is done through community meetings, media, internet and other communication devices. The division maintains transparency regarding the state of the community and facilitates open communication between the public and the department.

Deputy Superintendent Thomas Keaveney is the Commanding Officer of the Community Service Division. He is charged with orchestrating the Community Service Personnel. Through his leadership and direction, the Division maintains a steady compass in effectively discharging its duties. Deputy Superintendent Keaveney has a police career that has spanned thirty-five years. He uses his vast amount of training and experience to be an effective sounding board and mentor to the personnel of the Community Service Division and the Department at large.

General Duties & Responsibilities
  • It is the duty and responsibility of the Commanding Officer of to
  • Organize programs that promote unity and a spirit of cooperation among all segments of the community and the Police Department.
  • Arrange for the participation of the Division with the various social agencies of the Town of Brookline.
  • Maintain the Departmental initiatives that seek to foster the highest levels of quality of life in the Town of Brookline.
  • Educate the public and members of the Department for the purpose of increasing awareness of the need for close Police-Community relations.
  • Establish programs to improve the image of the Department in the community.
  • Serve as the Departmental liaison to and member of the Human Relations Youth Resource Commission.
  • Supervise and implement programs in the crime prevention field.
  • Supervise the activities of such programs as the AWARE Program, the Bicycle Unit, the Child Car Seat Program, R.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defense for Women) and Advanced R.A.D.
  • Supervise the activities of the Safety / Crime Prevention Officer.
  • Serve as Public Information Officer for the Department. Also supervises the activities of the Press Officer and all media related issues arising from the Brookline Police Department.
  • Supervise and review, along with the Training Lieutenant, all in-service training of Brookline Police Department personnel.
The Brookline Police Department & Community Policing
The mission of the Brookline Police Department is to insure that community policing is a philosophy that permeates our entire Department and is not just a program involving a few officers.

Already we have taken several steps in achieving this goal
  • In 1991 we established a “Walk and Talk” program, which to this day has wide approval from the general community. In September of 1995 this program was expanded to cover seven nights a week.
  • In November 1994, the 136 sworn officers of our department were given in-service training in the community policing philosophy, which continues today. This philosophy is realized and practiced by all officers in the Department through their utilization of effective communication and programs within the department.
  • Neighborhood Groups are one of the many partnerships that are developed with the citizens of our community. We continue to use the community policing philosophy as a strategy for involving the community in the identification and solving of problems.
Our ultimate goal in community policing is to improve the quality of life in the community by maintaining neighborhoods without fear, and by mobilizing the residents as partners in identifying community problems and developing comprehensive strategies to address these problems.

Inviting an Officer to an Event
If you are interested in inviting an officer to an event, a classroom or neighborhood meeting, you can do so by contacting the Community Service Division. Requests can be sent through email at or over the phone at 617-730-2248. Please remember to include time and location and any information in regards to the event.